"From zero hope of my eyes getting better with glaucoma, I was given hope with individualized treatments for improvements. And now that hope has paid off with measurable improvements!  All in 5 months time. 

Encouragement is a wonderful thing. 

I look forward to seeing the face of my  "traditional" eye Dr. when he sees me next.  I will be delighted to tell him there is more to recovery than just surgery and prescriptions.  Because it wasn't enough for me as I was getting worse until I found Dr. Wylie and Dr. Swartwout with their wonderful program fir treatment." -A.L., Washington

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Side Benefits of Accelerated Self-Healing to Avoid More Glaucoma Surgery...

After first visit: "My whole body straighter."

Second visit: "My son and a friend both said I was looking better. Another friend said my complexion had improved. My ophthalmologist in Honolulu was jubilant. He told me my eyes looked great. I was not surprised because I could tell when I would read, that the yellow in my eyes was much diminished."

Third visit: "My hearing has improved some, my foot continues to get better, the yellow in my eyes seems almost gone, and my reading vision has improved.... My whole body seems to be responding..."

Then: "Now walking almost normally again."

And: "I no longer have the feeling of being handicapped. This means I have more zest for life. My husband has noticed I have more stamina."

Finally: "First dental appointment in years not requiring antibiotics due to report from Dr. Matsuura, heart specialist, that I no longer showed any signs of a prolapsed mitral valve. Credit was given - or at least explanation stated - that I was seeing a holistic doctor." Also, after a gauss meter confirmed an electromagnetic field where Joyce was sleeping, the source was moved and she reported: "Have been sleeping much more soundly since water pipes were rerouted... I am dreaming more, as Dr. Swartwout said I might." 

Joyce Suenobu, Retired Teacher, Hawai'i

Healing Glaucoma book

“This book is a great contribution to the emerging paradigm of 21st century vision care.

It provides a thorough review of many healing modalities in order to help a person’s eye, body and soul heal the condition of glaucoma…

A must for any patient or professional working with this condition.

Dr. Swartwout is a pioneer in helping to regenerate our precious gift of sight.”

Marc Grossman, O.D., L.Ac., co-author of Greater Vision and co-author of Natural Eye Care

“I purchased this book for my mother who has been suffering from glaucoma in her right eye for years.

It was not until recently, when her optometrist failed to prescribe eye drops that would control her pain and fluid in her eye that she saw another optometrist, who told her the eye drops that she had been taking for a year was full of steroids and antibiotics that actually contributed to more eye damage.

Not wanting her to use any more damaging eye drops, I searched for books that could help.

I am very pleased that I came across this one, it not only tells you what you should take for glaucoma, but why and specifically what part of the eye it help heals.

I was shocked to discover that steroids deplete the body of vitamin C, this made a lot of sense since my mother has had improvements with her pain by only taking vitamin C.

This book not only proved to be useful for my mother but myself as well with the book's information on the many vitamins, minerals, and herbs that help heal the body.

I highly recommend this book.”

Kate in Arizona

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