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A Welcome Letter From Dr. Glen Swartwout...

Welcome to Accelerated Self Healing™

Where you can reverse the effects of aging

and 'irreversible' disease...


Something is wrong with our approach to 'health' care.

Health care expenditures average over $1,000 per month in the States, yet Americans are far from the healthiest population on earth...

Drugs and surgery are promoted to manage the symptoms of disease while making us sicker and more susceptible to the next malady.

One out of three hospital stays result in a new iatrogenic disease the patient didn't have on admission.

The average American gets more than one pharmaceutical prescription every month! (which means someone is making up for my total avoidance)

Is it any wonder that when the medical system goes on strike, the death rate always drops?

Just look at the recent 40% increase in the death rate from supposedly preventive medicine.

Clinical Theory:

All of this makes sense put in the perspective of my Clinical Theory of Everything.

I have spent the last 40 years rethinking medicine.

I come from a Systems Dynamics approach, rather than a materialist perspective. The behavior of dynamic systems such as living organisms cannot be modeled effectively without accounting for the interaction of matter, motion (energy), and mind (information).

I start by analyzing clinical questions with a meta-model that looks at Context, Container, Contents, Connections, and Communication.

The details of personal and family health history are understood as epigenetic patterns that have sustained trans-temporal effects which can be released to restore access to healthy epigenetic information in the biofield, and thus deactivate the genes of disease and reactive the healthy genes.

We look at symptoms and diagnoses in terms of the embryological tissue layers they affect. This helps us understand the depth to which the underlying causal factors have penetrated into the system.

Of course we also interpret these same observations of the clients conscious mind (symptoms) and judgements of the clinician's conscious mind (diagnoses) in light of the biophysical terrain that produces such patterns of response. We call this the Five Phases of Health and Disease.

The result of characterizing these and other critical dimensions of healing, such as levels of Regulation, is a comprehensive Clinical Theory™ that is oriented to listening to the individual wisdom of each body, and supplying the stimuli that the body responds to in real time with a coherence response in real time.

This kind of individual response testing, or biocommunication, is what I consider the gold standard of evidence-based medicine (not evidence about a test population extrapolated and applied to an individual who was never tested - ignoring that extrapolation is a fundamental philosophical error).

Biocommunication trumps measurements of body chemistry, because it is the whole being that communicates, while you could never measure the levels of tens of thousands of interacting chemical components of the body's 90 trillion cells.

In any case, chemistry doesn't even distinguish between a living system or a dead one. That takes observation of the biofield, such as the EKG and EEG waves...

Biofield Coherence: The stimuli that produce a coherence response in the biofield have typically been present in nature throughout our genetic history, contrasted with synthetic pharmaceuticals which more often than not produce an energetic 'side effect' of increased stress.

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Clinical Praxis:

For 35 years I searched for the best available nutraceuticals from hundreds of sources to formulate Accelerated Self Healing™ programs for individual clients.

I wrote a two volume encyclopedia of natural medicine entitled Materia Medica and Anima Medica to outline the range of medicinal stimuli.

Materia Medica covers the material substances of natural medicine from essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals, to botanicals.

When applying these to individual patients and clients, part of the challenge was to find products on the market that would supply the healing materials in the most effective and efficient way.

Finally, frustrated by the limitations of what is available commercially, we made the leap to produce our own Functional Formulations™.

There is nothing else like the resulting remedies.

I don't even call them supplements. They are sacraments because they are made to nourish the immortal spirit body in addition to the bio-body suit.


They are more concentrated to get more healing power in every pill - since nobody actually enjoys swallowing pills!

For example, when the adaptogenic botanical Ginseng is called for to support a particular healing function, I use a standardized extract of Ginsenosides to supply a full therapeutic dose for that meal, while only taking up less than 1.5% of the capsule volume, leaving room for dozens of other therapeutic ingredients.


These sacramental remedies are therefore more comprehensive, often with literally dozens of synergistic minerals, coenzymes and phytonutrients working together to stimulate and support parallel pathways of healing to achieve the desired functional activation. The result is what I call Syntropy, the healing force that opposes the degenerative tendency of Entropy.

Complex healing formulas are the opposite of the old 'mega-dose' approach, which attempts to force change on the body with a high dose of an isolated substance... Our complexes are designed to produce a more powerful and harmonic entourage effect, which is why people so often report actually feeling them work!

In my own research, I found that 85% of the cascading active healing response as measured in the biofield was produced by the photo-energetic signal of a therapeutic substance being present in the body field, with only an additional 15% being dependent on the physical absorption of the material.


The third quality is that makes these formulations work so much better than others is that they are clean. If you look closely at your supplement bottles, you're likely to find some kind of stearates or stearic acid among the Other Ingredients category.

Stearates form a biofilm on the ingredients, reducing their bioavailability. But that's not all... They also form a biofilm on your intestinal mucosa, reducing the bioavailability of the nutrients in your food.

The only reason most companies add stearates to their formulations is so they can use high speed encapsulation equipment, as the stearates prevent the capsules from jamming. We decided that manufacturing speed should be less important than effectiveness.

And, by the way, most tablet forms use even more stearates to bind them together... It's no wonder they sometimes come out undigested.

We also take care to avoid other pitfalls like phthalates. Most enteric supplements, and many drugs use phthalate coatings to prevent digestion in the acid milieu of the stomach. We don't. Phthalates are a kind of plastic that destroys immune function.

We even avoid the commonly used gelatin capsules because, according to the research of MIT's Dr. Stephanie Seneff, gelatin may harbor glyphosate in substitution for the amino acid glycine.

Beyond Matter...

Matter is not everything we need in order to promote optimum health and healing.

That's why I wrote Anima Medica, which describes the energetic and informational dimensions of healing... including the substance of the immortal spirit.


Without energy, matter can't do anything. It can't move. It can't change. It can't heal.

Energy guides and governs every change in chemistry.

In a low energy terrain, cells lack a structured biofield of living water that repells all viruses and toxins.

In a low energy terrain, which I call Phase 1: Energize in my Clinical Theory, cells also begin to degenerate and can start to dedifferentiate into a cancer pattern.

The Five Phases of Health and Disease provide a roadmap for recovery of health, function and quality of life.

For example, every case of spontaneous remission of cancer in the medical literature illustrates that this process, which can happen in as short as a few days even in metastatic cancer, always happens in Phase 2 terrain.


Energy is quantized, and each quantum of energy has a specific frequency.

Those frequencies determine the resonance for absorption by specific chemical compounds in the body.

As Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi discovered, "Every Vitamin, Mineral, Enzyme and Hormone responds to specific frequencies of light by changing its functional activity about 500%."


Consider broadcast media, like radio... An AM radio station broadcasts on a particular frequency. The programming is carried on that carrier wave frequency as a modulation of the energetic amplitude.

In natural healing, a perfect example is homeopathic medicine. The potency determines the frequency of the carrier wave signal. This affects where the signal resonates in terms of system, organ, tissue, cell membrane, and even deeper intracellular and nuclear levels.

Matter has memory. That's because matter is just energy with trans-temporal and spatial coherence. Or, as physicist David Bohm put it "Matter is frozen light." That's why we imprint all of our Functional Formulations™ with specific healing frequencies and information.


Thoughts are things. Your thoughts and intentions broadcast powerful signals, and your cells are listening!

We utilize modalities like essences and affirmations as well as voice frequency biofeedback to communicate essential healing messages to help you transform the meanings understood by your cells.

Just consider that the power of consciousness is equal to that of any material medicine. That's why placebo controlled trials are essential to determine if a drug has any effect. Negative thoughts are just as powerful, producing damaging nocebo effects.

When considering surgical interventions, I find it fascinating that only two surgical procedures have undergone controlled clinical trials. In both cases, the sham surgery achieved equal improvement in symptoms compared to the real surgery. Those studies were on open heart surgery and knee surgery. So, if nothing else, don't ever let a surgeon tell you that you should avoid natural therapies because they lack controlled trials!


Ultimately, it is your immortal spirit body that produces meaning and hosts the function of consciousness.

When the body is flatlined, and the person is seeing the body from the corner of the ceiling, they don't even identify with their bio-body suit.

We will all leave our material body behind some day. What is important, in the end, is how we have grown and developed our sentient immortal spirit.

Modern alchemists have made great progress in understanding the structure of the spirit, in terms of the Spirit Mineral content.

David Hudson rediscovered these mineral forms back in the 1990s, and even patented them.

At the same time, physicists were documenting a state of matter known as the Bose-Einstein Condensate. They were awarded the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics for their work confirming the predictions of physicists Bose and Einstein...

In my Clinical Theory, I propose that your spirit body is made of condensates of about a dozen of the transition mineral group, including Gold, Rhodium and Iridium.

We apply our research around this area of healing alchemy to many aspects of our Clinical Praxis.

Healing is fundamentally an experience of spiritual growth and development. That's another reason that falling into the trap of suppressive medicine is so damaging even on this deepest of all levels, on top of the physiological impairments that are the actual mechanism of suppression.

To summarize and review, your spirit produces consciousness, which produces meaning and intention, which broadcasts information carried by energy, which moves matter and changes chemistry that makes up the structure of the bio-body suit.

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